Mambo Coffee Company Limited (MCCL) is a sustainable green coffee export company with its office is located in Moshi Municipality at Room 209, 2nd Floor, Kahawa House and in Morogoro at Plot 1117 Pangawe/ Kingolwira Road where also the coffee factory is located.

The company was registered with # 83572 on 31st May, 2011 under company Laws of Tanzania.

MCCL is certified with Fairtrade with FLO ID # 26674, with ECOCERT with Organic certificates for Europe (EU), NOP and CRO (Canada), Rainforest Alliance and UTZ as well as member of Tanzania Coffee Association, Africa Coffee Association, Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Japan.

We export both Arabica and Robusta coffee mainly produced by small coffee producers. Our export capacity is 300 containers per year.

MCCL business is green coffee trading whereby coffees are professionally sourced/ bought from Moshi Coffee Auction or directly from co-operatives (co-operative societies/ union), management of coffee quality by licensed and International Certified Liquorers/ Tasters, coffee grading for export, coffee warehousing and coffee logistics that includes coffee forwarding to buyers in abroad.

MCCL manages coffee producers’ relationship and buyers’ relationship in order to facilitate sustainable business and direct coffee trading. MCCL exports to Europe 63%, Japan 26%, South Africa 6% and 5% other countries such Canada and USA..

MCCL’s core objective for social coffee trading is poverty alleviation and improve livelihood of smallholder coffee producers in rural area by adding value of their coffee, buy and export into sustainable markets.