The coffee is grown on the slopes of Mountain Kitumbalomo. Coffee was introduced to this part of Tanzania in 1886 by Missionaries in Peramio which was center of missionaries.

With a dormant volcanic Kitumbalomo mountain, the AMCOS acquired its name.


Region: Ruvuma, Southern Tanzania
Founded: 1993
No. of Farmers: 320 Men/ 39 Women
Process: Farm Washed/ CPU
Harvest Time: July to March
Certification: Fair Trade Certified.
Varieties: Kent – KP, Bobon N39 and Normal (Seed) Coffee
Elevation: 1809 – 1820 m

Kitumbalomo AMCOS is found at the lower part of Kitumbalomo mountain with the following villages Mapipili, Linda,Liwihi, Lukiti and Kihangi Mahuka surrounding it. Coffee is majorly collected from Liwihi and Mapipili.

Due to good climatic conditions and good fertile soils, the missionaries decided to distribute coffee seedlings to small farmers in the region in 1886.

Currently has 9 Board Members with Paul Kapinga as the Chairperson.