Tanzania Green and certified coffees as of September 2023 are out. All offers are subject to final confirmation. Price is on the basis of FoB Dar es Salaam/ Tanga.

In stock, we have Tanzania Mild Arabica AA, Tanzania Mild Arabica AB, Tanzania Mild Arabica Pb, Tanzania FW Arabica AA, Tanzania FW Arabica AB, Tanzania FW Arabica Pb, Tanzania Mild Arabica Grinder.

Fairtrade, Organic, and RFA/UTZ coffees are available too. Tanzania FT Mild Arabica AA, Tanzania FT Mild Arabica AB, Tanzania FTO Bukoba Robusta SUP (Screen 16), Tanzania RFA/ UTZ Mild Arabica AA, Tanzania RFA/ UTZ Mild Arabica Grinder, Tanzania Bukoba Robusta FT 4C SUP (Screen 16 and much more.

You can find the entire list here: https://mambocoffeeafrica.com/offer-list/