The coffee is grown around Karagwenkorian Mountains Coffee was introduced introduced by the Germans, which was further developed under British rule. Coffee production was mainly sold in Great Britain.

Nkwenda RPCS LTD was under Karagwe District Co-operative Union (KDCU) as one of its primary societies amongst many others since its formation.


Region: Kagera, Tanzania
No. of Farmers: 1,105
Type of Coffee: Unwashed Robusta
Harvest Time: July to March
Certification: Fair Trade Certified
FLO ID: 30401
Process: Natural
Elevation: 800 – 900 masl

This was until 2009 when Nkwenda split from KDCU to be an independent co-operative society after Karagwe District was split into two, forming another new District of Kyerwa now the home of Nkwenda RPCS LTD.

The main reason for this separation is that the cooperative wanted to be closer to its’ members for better service delivery and to enhance market accessibility for better prices that would improve their lives. It is a wholly farmer owned organization