LUHANGARASI AMCOS farmers are producing on average 250 to 300 tons per year of coffee parchment.

Coffee Production is our common bond as Luhangarasi AMCOS and we are found in Luhangarasi ward in Nyasa District, Ruvuma Region.


To unite coffee farmers and to attain economic and market power.


To make farmer happier, stronger economic and improve living standard through coffee.


Region: Nyasa, Ruvuma
Founded: 1993
Registration No: RVR NO 193
Variety: Arabica
Harvest Time: June to Nov
Export Time:Dec
Certification: Cafe Practice
Process: Home processed & Fully washed coffee
Elevation: 1500M – 2300M

The AMCOS comprises of farmers, groups and institutions from two villages Luhangarasi and Malamala.

The Membership is dived into three categories namely individuals, youth group and institutions.

Collection and marketing of member’s coffee, coffee nursery production, provision of transport facility to members and non members, tree planting , support our society through education and environment conservation and operating coffee processing unit, are currently the existing projects of the AMCOS.

We have full washed coffees which are collectively processed under coffee processing unit and home processed coffee.